Another way to build car parks

With no foundations. In a couple of days on your site. Temporary or permanent.


Modular pre-manufactured car parks

Find out how simple, fast and flexible car park construction can be

Park’Up® is a standardised, pre-built and pre-sized construction system, for the installation of multi-storey car parks without prior studies or preparatory work, in a perfectly controlled short period of time.

Modular pre-manufactured car park: the 3 essential Park'Up® features
The 1st ready-made car park, ready-to-use

  • Resulting from 4 years of R&D, Park'Up® is the only aerial car park installed without foundations or anchoring to the ground, on an existing car park. A revolution.
  • Standardised and already built in the factory, the Park'Up® component modules are available immediately.
  • Park'Up® is the first ready-to-install modular aerial car park. You do not experience any disturbances during installation on your site.
100 new parking spaces minimum per week

  • Speed is the key word of the Park'Up® concept: 48 hours to configure and cost your project. No more endless months of studies and calculations.
  • One week to install 100 new parking spaces or more by adjusting operational resources.
  • Your urgent expansions of parking capacity now find a concrete and adapted solution.
For sale or, for the first time, for rent

  • Park'Up® is the one and only multi-storey car park system that can be completely dismantled and reused.
  • Park'Up® is designed to meet both temporary and permanent projects.
  • After use, your property is returned in its original condition.

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