Nextensia, a subsidiary of the BRIAND Group

The Park’Up® systems are developed and operated by Nextensia, a subsidiary of the BRIAND Group.

Nextensia specialises in the design, production and construction of demountable modular systems suitable for parking structures. Its Park’Up® system, designed and produced in France, is one of the world’s first fully standardised pre-built, modular and reusable multi-storey parking structures.

As such, Nextensia is as much a builder of permanent car parks as it is a renter of temporary car parks.

Nextensia was established in 2017 to develop the Briand Group’s demountable car park business into a stand-alone activity. The creation of a wholly-owned subsidiary, essentially dedicated to this activity, strengthened our conviction that there is indeed another way to build car parks.

The BRIAND Group

Capitalizing on 70 years of experience in the building industry, the BRIAND Group integrates the know-how and infrastructure to control the construction value chain from start to finish.

Design and production, R&D, engineering, production and works, are disciplines that the Briand Group teams operate in the fields of structural steel, laminated wood, the building envelope and structural work, in simple or complex works as well as works of art.

In particular, the BRIAND Group has acquired a unique position in the design and construction of multi-storey metallic car parks.

With almost 45 000 parking spaces built in France and abroad, the BRIAND Group has become a key player in multi-storey metallic car parks.

By constantly devising and designing new techniques, to make buildings more economical, flexible, faster and cleaner, the BRIAND Group has launched the Park’Up® concept.

The Park’Up® concept has become a reality thanks to the BRIAND Group values of being attentive to the customer, respecting commitments, constantly striving for operational excellence and mastering cutting-edge techniques.

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Founded in
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250 M€
turnover in 2018
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advanced production sites
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tons of metal structures produced
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More than 900
per year

Park’Up in images

Discover the first fully demountable modular parking system in all its aspects.