Park'Up® multi-storey car parks: a new concept

Park’Up®, the first foundation-free, ready-to-install multi-storey car park, another way of looking at parking infrastructure. For operators who charge for parking, the speed of access to new parking spaces, in particular in multi-storey car parks, is a genuine success factor.  The same applies to keeping existing capacity open during the works. Parking is often in the top three revenue items for airports, along with airport taxes, and is also often top of “estate” revenue. This shows how strategic new parking solutions for airports can really be.  Park’Up® provides new multi-storey car park spaces in record time. This allows previously unknown co-activity with car parks that are already operational.

Aerial view of a Park’Up® multi-storey car park. A turnkey solution to mitigate saturation

Cope with saturation

Airports often suffer from saturated parking space, whether chronic or seasonal. Until now, there were very few alternatives. They could either undertake long term works, while attempting to be “in contact” with the terminals. An approach that is viable in the long term but which implies loss of revenue during the works phases. Or they could purchase land to convert into car parks, often quite a distance away, and therefore an inconvenience for users.


Foundation-free installation of a Park’Up® multi-storey car park

Unique economic value

The Park’Up® multi-storey system brings new benefits to operators at different Management Plan levels. Standardised, pre-fabricated and foundation-free, Park’Up® does away with certain design and preliminary study phases.  Component industrialisation allows to build a multi-storey car park using dry construction methods in previously unheard of deadlines. There are no concrete pouring or drying operations on the installation site. Imagine how quickly you can have new parking spaces, almost without any impact on your existing capacity!



Multi-storey car park: permanent or temporary

Park’Up® is a solution to implement multi-storey car parks in all situations. For permanent use in zones where conventional construction times and the disruption it causes makes it difficult to implement an infrastructure project, in particular in “contact” zones. But also as a removable multi-storey car park for the transitory phases during major construction work which would otherwise deprive the airport of many parking spaces for long periods. These new possibilities that Park’Up® opens up cover passenger, cabin crew and ground staff issues. It can also be used in zones that can no longer be extended otherwise than upwards and which cannot, under any circumstances, see their operation halted for several months. Park’Up® is a genuine system that, depending on the case, can fluidify, facilitate, or simply allow new ways of imagining airport parking.

Park'Up® multi-storey car parks in pictures

Discover the first fully removable modular parking system in all its aspects.