Multi-storey car parks close to your infrastructure changes

Park’Up® is a genuine “Swiss army knife” to manage parking challenges. As a removable multi-storey car park, Park’Up® opens up new perspectives for all industrial sites.  Even available for rental or sale! Park’Up® solves multiple stakes:

  • Increased workforce numbers
  • Site reorganisation or extension
  • Recovery and enhancement of land
  • Adaptation of the tool to volume variations
  • Temporary site occupation

All these events impact parking management and now have an adapted solution thanks to Park’Up® multi-storey car parks.

Multi-storey car parks: new construction standards

The industrial sector can now design and schedule operations having an impact on parking using new references:

  • Building a multi-storey car park in low activity periods without disrupting site activity
  • Adjusting parking capacity to actual needs
  • Making project completion deadlines reliable using a standardised and controlled system which is essentially built before being delivered
  • Scheduling the “last minute” construction of a multi-storey car park
  • Releasing ground level parking spaces on request to reassign the land to new projects (storage, buildings, logistics areas, or sale of the released land, etc.): the sold parking spaces are almost immediately re-created at a height by Park’Up®.

Sale or rental: complete flexibility

Park’Up® offers complete financial and operational flexibility. Depending on its investment strategy and its projects, an industrial site has the choice between a purchase method or upgradeable rental.   Park’Up® can even be moved to another location if needs change. As for rental, it makes it possible to have variable parking costs or to align cash flow on actual use of the asset. All the more so because the purchase of a multi-storey car park can represent a significant cash outflow. Park’Up® is a system at the service of industrials and the permanent changes in their activity which has itself been developed by industrials.

Park'Up® multi-storey car parks in pictures

Discover the first fully removable multi-storey parking system in all its aspects.