The Park’Up® metal multi-storey car park as a solution to the ALUR Act

The famous quote “No parking, no business” which is as old as mass retail is about to take on special meaning.

With the recent changes provided for by the ALUR Act, retailers have a duty to re-organise their parking spaces. There is a double stake; maintain current capacity, or increase it if there is a chronic shortage of space. It is obvious that upwards expansion using metal multi-storey car parks, or the construction of shared car parks, are ideal alternatives. But what are the constraints?

Park’Up®, a major innovation in parking structures, provides both operators and retail developers new solutions. This metal multi-storey car park system is available for rental for temporary needs or for purchase for permanent use.

Park’Up® can be installed on an existing car park in just a few days. Foundation-free, it can be used to create one or two extra parking levels in record time. New parking spaces are built without the usual disruption of conventional works.

Park’Up®, the response to new regulations

Since 2016, the amendments to the ALUR Act subjects retailers to new parking space surface area restrictions. “The surface area of built up surface areas or not assigned to parking spaces […] cannot exceed three quarters of the floor surface area of the buildings assigned to retail”.

Shopping centres have thus seen their parking surface area cut in half. A significant restriction compared to the 150% of retail surface area that was previously reserved for vehicles.

The changes concern buildings started since January 2016 as well as all future remodelling and extension works. Upgrade to compliance for a shopping centre or an Industrial estate will often mean major works that will disrupt parking!

Keeping access to parking spaces for many months of works becomes a commercial dynamism challenge. Indeed, the priorities are:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Fight against abandonism
  • Preservation of turnover

The Park’Up® multi-storey car park is a unique answer to the issue. Indeed, both pre-sized and standardised, it is compliant with regulations covering establishments open to the public of the “Largely Ventilated Car Park” type.  Furthermore, these pre-fabricated modules make it possible to commission hundreds of parking spaces in just a few days.

Another benefit: the Park’Up® modular approach makes it possible to cadence the metal multi-storey car park installation. This makes parking spaces available to users as the system installation progresses and depending on the retailer’s needs. Tailored co-activity!


Flexible use and financial leeway

Finally, Park’Up® metal multi-storey car parks provide total financial flexibility. Depending on its investment strategy and its projects, an industrial site has the choice between a purchase method or basic rental. Indeed, Park’Up® can even be moved to another location if needs change. This makes it possible to have variable parking costs or to align cash flow on actual use of the asset. All the more so because the purchase of parking structures can represent a significant cash outflow.

A comfortable, modular and customisable metal multi-storey car park

Comfort and optimised flows

The fully pre-sized, pre-fabricated and standardised Park’Up® structure has no limits in terms of modularity. Multi-level, secure pedestrian access, double traffic ramps, removable lifts… are all equipment that can be used to adapt a multi-storey car park and enhance the customer and user experience.

A standard Park’Up® metal multi-storey car park can be configured in just 48 hours. This includes entry and exit management and access to spaces both by vehicles and pedestrians.  The marking of one-way lanes, the positioning of double ramps and transit walkways make it possible to organise traffic and optimise flows, in particular by avoiding cross-traffic. By adding rational signage to that, comfort and fluidity are maximised, contributing to the pleasure of shopping.

Customisation and safety

The Park’Up® system is calculated and sized to be in compliance with standards and regulations. In particular those applicable to all metal multi-storey car parks open to the public, and especially the Widely Ventilated Car Parks regulations.

Even once installed, the Park’Up® metal multi-storey car parks can host all elements specific to major retail uses. Amongst which, space counting, the dramatisation of parking spaces, electric charge terminals, etc. These elements make it possible to harmoniously merge the facades and guard rails into the environment.

Park’Up® in pictures

Discover the first fully removable metal multi-storey parking system in all its aspects.