Construction of car parks for public sector players: different but converging stakes

As a community facility, local authority or public sector player, your jurisdiction often includes the management of large numbers of parking spaces.

The uses for these car parks are many and varying: urban zone public car parks, multi-storey or surface car parks on industrial estates, railway station car parks, sports or cultural infrastructure car parks, receptive infrastructure, etc.

Some of these car parks charge while others are free, some are managed directly or subcontracted, some are licensed…

In all cases, when you need to manage parking capacity extensions, your stakes converge towards two main types of objective depending on whether your use is temporary or permanent.

For needs requiring to build a permanent car park:

  • Reduce the overall budget and control costs
  • Reduce parking disruption related to the construction of the new car park to a minimum
  • Make the newly created parking spaces available as quickly as possible
  • Allow an urban real estate asset to be removable and reusable, still as a metal multi-storey car park, in another urban area
  • Reduce the “ecological cost” of the construction

For needs requiring the temporary availability of parking spaces:

  • Extend parking capacity during seasonal peaks in traffic
  • Maintain an optimised parking capacity available during the works (road works, building rehabilitation, construction, closed car parks, etc.)
  • Create transitory parking spaces before the delivery of a parking structure under construction (case of a P+R relay car park for example)
  • Implement a “pilot” multi-storey car park in an urban inter-modal transport zone
  • Allow the reversibility of the parking structure, the removal of the multi-storey car park (and not its demolition or deconstruction)

100 new parking spaces per week: Park’Up® Systems unveils a new approach to building multi-storey car parks, giving users comfort and safety.

An agile view of multi-storey car park building

The Park’Up® modular car park system provides new and effective solutions for a wide number of public player expectations.

The Park’Up® concept is simple: a system of standardised, pre-fabricated steel-concrete modules making it possible to build a completely removable multi-storey car park, with no foundations, in previously unheard of time-frames.

Tested by inspection organisations for both permanent and temporary uses, the Park’Up® system makes it possible to deploy one or two storey car parks on an existing parking area at a rhythm of a hundred new spaces… per week.


Considerable sources of savings

Imagine everything standardised and foundation-free design can save.

Firstly, your study, drawing and layout times are reduced to a basic configuration. Free of charge.

Our expert systems are capable of including your traffic flow scenarios and modulating the Park’Up® system components to produce the drawings and the estimate for your future multi-storey car park in 48 hours.

A budget that will be followed to the cent because all the components are industrialised: their production costs and implementation are controlled from the very start.

The complete absence of foundations or anchoring also significantly reduces the cost of ground preparation works. Additional budgets are often the cause of serious overshoots just for the cost of the metal structure.


Building a completely standardised multi-storey car park without foundations is now possible in just a few days with Park’Up® Systems

Your multi-storey car park here and now!

Compatible with almost all parking roads that can be found in urban areas, the interest of Park’Up® is that it makes your new multi-storey car park available immediately.

Indeed, all its components are fully pre-fabricated, including the steel-concrete modules, and they are “ready-to-install”.

Nothing could be simpler on your installation site: the posts are aligned on your asphalt surfaces and the deck modules (the name given to the aerial parking and driving surface in a multi-storey car park) are placed on them.

All that remains is an operation to link up the posts and the decks and finally to install the modular ramps and stairs and the signage.

Park’Up® can give you at least 100 new parking spaces per week.

Imagine, building a new multi-storey car park with 300 new spaces, for example, on an existing ground level car park, will only disrupt parking for your users for 3 weeks.

Rental, purchase, removal, modulation... modifiable in all situations

Park’Up® is the first multi-storey car park system in France capable of providing a suitable answer to parking structure mobility and reversibility stakes. Designed and manufactured in France, Park’Up® is available for purchase or hire.  In all cases it is removable and reusable and becomes either a temporary construction, or permanent public infrastructure, but which can be moved within the City.

You will therefore have the possibility of creating car parks in new districts, or you can free up land for housing or new urban projects.

Your future Park’Up® multi-storey car park can also modulate its capacity by either increasing or reducing it.  All that is required is to add extra modules, or even to build an extra second storey parking level on an existing Park’Up® first storey level.  Thanks to this new flexibility, you only commit operating or investment budgets for multi-storey car parks for parking spaces you really need.

A customisable architectural imprint

Park’Up® multi-storey car parks can have customised facades to merge them into the landscape or to create an urban imprint, by enhancing the standard module design.

Different elements can be used to keep all Park’Up® structure benefits in terms of changes and speed while giving it a unique “signature” for your City: wood panels, green facades, deployed metal, polycarbonates in the colour of your choice and many other possibilities…

Park'Up® multi-storey car parks in pictures

Discover the first fully removable multi-storey parking system in all its aspects.