New possibilities to extend hospital parking capacity

Park’Up® is a modular multi-storey car park construction system. It is perfectly adapted to healthcare establishments, in particular keeping parking open during works. How many multi-storey car park extension or creation projects were stillborn because of the consequences of major works on existing parking space?  Of the disruption they cause and their financial impact? Completely pre-fabricated in the factory, Park’Up® has reinvented the creation of a multi-storey car park on a hospital site. The installation boils down to the installation and connection of the modules in record time, to reduce disruption to its strictest minimum. With over 100 parking spaces created per week, you can say goodbye to loss of parking spaces for several months during the works!

Optimise both parking capacity and reception quality

There are many healthcare establishments in France that would like to increase both their capacity and their reception quality, starting with car parks. Patients, practitioners, visitors and suppliers are all players that need 24*7 access to healthcare establishments.

This means that mobility, access and parking stakes are essential to the interests of the establishment. As a result, healthcare establishments need to have optimum flow management. These realities converge together into a fundamental need to keep parking areas open, including during modernisation and infrastructure works.

The Park’Up® multi-storey car park system helps healthcare establishments reach that target. Indeed, pre-fabricated, pre-sized and ready to install, Park’Up® requires no study time or costs. It is installed in a matter of days. Only 5 days are needed to install a hundred extra parking spaces per week.


No on-site disruption thanks to the foundation-free multi-storey car park system

Less disruption and more reactivity

Hitherto unknown speed which limits site disruption to a minimum and guarantees continued flow. The multi-storey car park is installed in a cadenced and structured manner.

This makes it possible to make the parking spaces available as they are installed while keeping access to parking open for everyone. In the context of a healthcare establishment extension, the standardised Park’Up® foundation-free system provides extreme reactivity. Especially when the parking capacity needs to be increased quickly.

The Park’Up® multi-storey car park adapts to many site, road and use specifications. Indeed, as standard, it is compatible with most existing hospital car parks.

What about revenue?

Available to hire for temporary needs or to purchase for permanent use, Park’Up® is systematically reversible and relocatable.  This means you can recover your initial surface area as it was. By making modular use of the parking spaces created by a Park’Up® multi-storey car park, it becomes possible to easily free up land for new projects.

A flexibility that strengthens the management and long term adaptation capacities of healthcare establishments. Park’Up® multi-storey car parks can provide parking during works. Thus, financial losses of hundreds of thousands of euros can be avoided. It also makes it possible to quickly extend and charge for parking areas very close to the main accesses.

Current trends to charge for all or part of parking spaces, both in public and private establishments, creates additional leverage.

Very simple, the Park’Up® system doubles or triples parking capacity, and therefore generated revenue, in just a few days. This new type of multi-storey car park is part of a double financial optimisation logic: reduced study and foundations costs, combined with accelerated return on investment.

User and project owner comfort and safety

Compliance and adaptability

Park’Up® multi-storey car parks are compliant with all widely ventilated car park regulations and standards. Thus, they meet all the climatic load requirements and heat stability requirements (fire resistance) for multi-storey car parks.

The location and size of the parking spaces, access positions, disabled spaces and the different equipment are modular and perfectly adaptable to site requirements.

LED lighting built into the superstructure joists guarantees visibility both day and night. Also, for increased comfort, the Park’Up® modules have no posts next to parking spaces. Pedestrians and vehicles have complete freedom to manoeuvre and move around without hindrance.

Customised facades and equipment make it possible to blend Park’Up® multi-storey car parks into the environment or comply with local urban planning rules.

Park’Up® in pictures

Discover the first fully removable modular parking system in all its aspects.