The benefits of a removable car park

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  • Minimised study time
  • Configuration quoted in a few days
  • Controlled production and installation times
  • Immediate availability for rental
  • 100 spaces installed per week
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  • Standardised system
  • Modular and versatile
  • Approved by the control bodies for nominal use
  • Installed on your site with no preparatory work
  • Reduced disruption to your business during construction
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  • Can be rented for the duration of your choice
  • Or be permanent
  • Or even relocated to another site
  • Or be modular in capacity
  • You get to decide
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  • Comfort and safety of your users
  • Maximum clear span without intermediate posts
  • Multiple possible configurations to adapt to your flow strategy
  • Numerous optional comfort and aesthetic equipment

Car park with no foundations

Designed to cover the greatest number of uses, the Park’Up® system is compatible with almost all existing car parks: a current ground bearing capacity and a light road system are enough to make the platform eligible.

Stable on the ground by its own weight, Park’Up® is assembled without any foundations and no ground anchoring: the base plates holding the pillars are simply placed on the coated surface.

Beyond the stability of the supporting structures in terms of snow and wind and seismic loads, this interface with the ground, unusual for a parking structure is approved by control bodies. In the event of definitive use, the implementation of the system is also covered by a decennial liability insurance (article 1792 and following of the Construction Code).

Once Park’Up® has been removed or moved, the platform is immediately restored to its original condition, without repair work, for the strictest compliance to the committed budgets.

Pre-construction and standardisation

The Park’Up® modular system is based on functional and industrial standardisation as well as the pre-construction of all parking components.

The standardised design enables setting a generic framework of use of the system in terms of dimensioning: climatic (Snow, Wind – according to Eurocodes), seismic, operating loads. In this regard, Park’Up® is part of a broad field of use, both in terms of its location and functional performance. Within this framework, all metal components and production processes are identical, or at least modifiable through elementary components, also standardised.

In order to comply with all regulations regarding the stability of enclosed car parks, the Park’Up® system uses the design principle of mixed materials.

This enables associating the properties of concrete, known for its fire and compression resistance to those of metal, an isotropic material fully modular and easily standardised.

One of the many challenges faced by the design teams has been to design a steel-concrete composite device mountable, removable and reusable, mostly used as a traditional construction technique in multi-storey metallic car parks, but usually requiring on site concrete pouring operations.

When installing Park’Up® on-site, the only remaining operation is the final assembly of the system:

  • The concrete-steel composite decks are moved from the semi-trailer lorries and laid directly on the pillars before being bonded together.
  • The fully modular and removable access ramp and stairs are positioned according to the chosen implantation to efficiently and legally manage traffic flows.

Park’Up® is a system incorporating the most advanced traditional techniques in the construction of metal car parks, while thanks to its dismantability, standardisation and pre-construction it creates unprecedented added-value.

Quick and easy, Park’Up® can create nearly 100 additional parking spaces per week, or more by adapting the operational delivery plan!

Comfortable and secure spaces

Standardisation and demountability do not detract from the functional capabilities of the Park’Up® system. Even in temporary use, Park’Up® is in-line with the highest standards of comfort and safety.

The lower parking levels have a clear 15m span with no posts at the entrance. The 2.5-meter clearance in beam height provides excellent visibility with space and brightness for total fluidity of movement and vehicle access, in addition to ease in parking manoeuvres.

Pedestrian access meets the standards of comfort and safety, and car signage is adapted to the traffic circulation in the car park: vehicle flows and regulatory distances are taken into account in the layout of the different levels of the car park.

The LED lighting, which has a patented installation system directly into the joists, provides the necessary amenities for night visibility and saves on the maintenance costs of replacing energy-consuming lighting.

For a better integration of Park’Up® with its temporary or definitive environment, the external facades are customisable, favouring the aesthetic comfort of the users.

Rent a multi-storey car park: a flexible and quick solution

Renting a Park’Up® system is a simple and flexible response to the rapid increase in parking space, investment or cash-flow constraints, or simply to a fixed-term or low-visibility need.

Sometimes it is advisable to opt for simple and quick solutions, which, beyond the financial commitments they avoid, give results without resorting to abundant project and study resources.

Renting a 100% removable car park, is also a solution that preserves the site.


At the end of its use, the site is returned to its original condition, without any foundation device or anchor hole, and within the same time frame as the installation.

The Park’Up® system also brings great flexibility of use: once installed, it can be moved to another site for new uses, or modulated, extended or decreased, to cover new parking needs.

What if I want to build a permanent car park?

The Park’Up® system complies with the construction requirements for a so-called largely ventilated car park structure, consequently, in the event of definitive use, the implementation of the system shall be covered by an inherent defects insurance in compliance with country and local regulations.

Dimensional calculations, as well as the industrial and construction techniques used, correspond to the leading practices of the traditional car park industry, but with an added value compared to conventional design approaches: Park’Up® is standardised, pre-built, and dismantable.

Park’Up®, is not just a temporary parking solution. It is also the possibility of quickly and easily acquiring a multi-storey car park, free from the constraints of cost and time imposed by the construction of a car park according to current techniques.

Investing in the acquisition of Park’Up® is:

  • A project configured in 72 hours
  • No foundation works
  • A shortened lead time
  • 100 spaces created per week
  • A modular parking capacity
  •  Removable can be moved to another area
  • A customisable device (facades, coverings, configuration …)

Equipment adapted to the use (electronic payment, special access, video surveillance, etc.)

Why we do Park’Up®?

Because we are convinced that a simplified and pragmatic approach to car park construction, can quickly meet the majority of needs in terms of parking extension, without preliminary studies, disturbances or hidden costs.

Because, we also have the conviction that a standardised and modular approach to the construction system, pre-dimensioned, pre-configured, pre-built, with no foundations, is the key to equipping you with a multi-storey metallic car park in previously unimaginable deadlines, paying only for the duration of use: whether temporary or permanent.

Most of all, because we have also acquired the conviction that there is another way to build.

And because the results speak for themselves.